Protect your relocation investment

SETTLEto is a complete relocation toolkit. SETTLEto changes the way destination services are offered, by delivering the settlement service online.

SETTLEto forms an essential part of our corporate packages that deliver a virtual, unaccompanied service. We have made offering employee relocation suppourt efficient, convenient and affordable.

Our experience has helped us identify 3 challenges that staff face when relocating with their job:

  • Moving is daunting, stressful and overwhelming
  • Pressure of the move, researching the right information and navigating a new system can be distracting
  • Happiness in their personal life with spouse and family is the number one factor to success of the assignment

SETTLEto solves these problems by helping to:

  • Guide through the entire relocation process, so it’s clear what to expect, including a dynamic tool to help decide where to live
  • Keep your employee engaged, allowing the mental freedom of knowing they’re supported with the latest, most relevant information and live links to suit their personal needs
  • The whole family can access the system and can meet other expats going through the SETTLEto program 

Benefits to your business

  • Increase likelihood of assignment success
  • Spousal engagement in the relocation process
  • Track budgets and expenses
  • Increase efficiency – manage everything in the cloud
  • Employee engagement – SETTLEto can incorporate your branding and we can tailor packages to your needs
  • Faster on-boarding - more focused and engaged employee
  • Lower cost of destination and settlement services

Benefits to the employee

  • Monitor and track spending
  • Help with decision making
  • Accessible by the whole family on any device
  • Settle in faster with local and insider knowledge
  • Independent real-time information and links
  • Save time and frustration – one-stop toolkit
  • ‘Get introduced’ functionality to meet other expats
  • Dedicated support options