Move with Confidence

Not sure where you should live? We know this is a big concern for new migrants. We have meticulously profiled more than 250 suburbs across the 5 main cities in the country. Input up to 12 criteria that is important to you, or simply browse the directory.

Track your finances

Access pre-populated budget templates, allowing you to manage your moving costs, arrival and set up costs and estimate your monthly ongoing spend. Include your budgeted versus actual costs and keep track of supplier quotes you have been provided.



Manage your tasks

Access pre-populated checklist templates to keep on top of your to-do list. We have included every task you will likely need at every stage of your move, including all of the paperwork you must compile, and people you need to notify about your move.


Personalised to your needs

Personalise your budget and checklists by editing items and/or templates. Based on your profile, SETTLEto will only track the progress relevant to you. Don’t have children? SETTLEto won’t include parenting information in your progress, but it is available to read at your leisure.


Monitor your progress

Keep track of how your move is going with My Dashboard. See how you are progressing within each section of SETTLEto, how you are tracking with your actual spend versus your budget, and see what headway you are making with your checklists.


The latest information and features

Information contained within SETTLEto is updated weekly and compiled by top Australian lifestyle experts. New features are added regularly, and as a member, you receive the very latest improvements and features available as they are added.


Personalised expert help

At any time, you can tap into the expertise of our team. We offer Skype consultations, personalised help via email and an Arrival Orientation. Simply upgrade your membership, or buy what you need, when you have specific questions about your move.