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Testimonials from happy users and clients

1st January 2017

We love helping overwhelmed and nervous families navigated the sometimes tricky road to their new life in Australia. We've helped people via SETTLEto, and also via our personalised service, The Expat Concierge reserved for VIPs moving to Sydney and other major Australian cities.

Here is what some of our happy clients have said about us:

“It's not easy to move a family overseas. To keep everything running smoothly at work, whilst planning a million little details at home can be stressful. It's best to get help so you don't fall between the gaps. Sharon provided that help to my family. She really helped pull together the million little details and plan the move with precision. This helped my family land and instantly feel at home in a foreign country. Of course it's always going to be a disruptive time. But thanks to Sharon, my wife and children didn't feel like they'd been through a washing machine. Thanks Sharon. Couldn't have done it without you."

Max Flanigan

“Sharon was a great help moving us to Australia, honestly we would have been totally lost with out her. She and I worked together prior to the move to establish my family’s needs, interests and budget. The day after we arrived, Sharon joined us visiting apartments and touring neighborhoods in Sydney. We were in constant contact throughout the move, texting and calling when new properties became available. And it wasn't just about finding a home. Sharon helped my wife calibrate her CV for the Sydney Market and connected her to employment prospects. She also connected me to her professional network which has been amazing. The best part about working with Sharon is that it was a true partnership. She had our backs and when we settled we had a new friend in Sydney."

Mark Norris

“SETTLEto is a unique program that provided a very user friendly platform that took us on a step by step journey, each section flowing on from the next clearly and comprehensively. Nothing has been missed, it tells you things that you hadn't even thought you needed to know and makes the whole journey so much smoother. The Suburb Matcher is invaluable, helping you decide where to base yourself when you're on the other side of the world. The final jewel in the crown is how much it saves you in terms of time and money! I avoided some expensive mistakes and learnt so much I can't recommend SETTLEto enough.”

Sarah West

“I can honestly say that I have no idea how I would have managed my (so far) successful relocation to Sydney without Sharon’s help. From the start Sharon was extremely helpful in organising meaningful visits and in narrowing the search once she understood what the constraints and hopes were. The visits were very well organised, with a plan for the day, maps, opportunities to discuss the finds, and to debrief for the future. Which in turn helped considerably in expressing our family needs, which is not always easy to do, as you cannot think about everything yourself. So being gently prodded along is extremely important and was very well done. One great thing about Sharon’s help is that she also constantly thinks about comfort, making sure that not only are the hard requirements taken care of, but that the feelings about the places are also looked at. This is why lists of restaurants and places in various areas of Sydney were always part of the list of things to do. She has a keen sense of the good places to live, but also as to whether places are really a good value for the money. And this is clearly impossible for a newcomer to appreciate by himself. This is the second time I am spending years away from France, and the first move was from France to the UK. I can honestly say that it was much easier to move to Australia than to the UK! And this is with a professional and family situation much more complicated in Australia than in the UK. And I can say that the results, so far, have been much, much smoother and satisfying. And this is, in a considerable way, thanks to Sharon’s help.”

Philippe Krait

“Just wanted to thank you again for not only organising everything so superbly to get us into our new home, but also for the incredible moral support during one of the worst transitions I’ve ever had. Honestly, I don't think I would have survived it without you, you were amazing. It was always going to be complex and confusing with furniture going to three different places, yet somehow you managed to ensure it all ended up in the right locations. You're a total legend.”

Donna Economidis

“We recently engaged Sharon to help one of our clients find a new home and settle in Sydney. Even at short notice, she was quick off the mark, understood the brief well, was focused and very clear thinking. Sharon’s positive energy was immediately comforting to our clients, and she managed their expectations very well. If you are looking for someone trustworthy and uses their initiative, I can highly recommend Sharon. Well done and thank you!”

Personnel Relocations, Melbourne, Robyn Vogels

"As recent expats / ‘relocatees’ to Sydney from New Jersey, USA, we had the opportunity to work with Sharon during our move. We contacted Sharon after reading her book and hired her to help us on our initial visit to Australia in November 2015. Her help on this pre-move trip was invaluable and helped to give us a true picture of what life in Sydney had to offer. Her ability to give us the information we needed to make us feel like we had some control during a very chaotic and stressful time was amazing. While we had the benefit of receiving Sharon’s knowledge first hand, we have also used SETTLEto and believe it's been extremely beneficial to us prior-to and during our move, by having all of the information available for pre-reading and research. The Suburb Matcher is fantastic and helped us to narrow down potential suburbs to a handful of locations and focus our time when face to face with Sharon"

Lisa and Ted Parkes

“SETTLEto alleviated my anxiety, is incredibly intuitive and allows you to paint a real picture of your new life. I particularly love the checklists and suburb matcher“

Attiyya Malik

“Appreciate having so much information all in one place, kudos for thinking of everything!”

Bina Sajid

Did you know that the SETTLEto method is based on Sharon's #1 Amazon bestselling book So, you're moving to Australia?

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