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Moving to Australia with your pet

8th March 2017

If you have a pet and want to move them with you to Australia, it is crucial to start your research as soon as possible. It's a process with many steps, much paperwork and hoops to jump through - there is of course, a quarantine period that needs to be served also. Not only is quarantine distressing for both you and your pet, it is costly and can only be done in Victoria, about 1 hour from Melbourne. Useful to know this in advance so that you can make necessary arrangements for flights or to drive if you're not planning on living in Melbourne.

You can visit the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture website - this will provide you with a calculator outlining all of the steps and timings associated with moving your pet to Australia. 

Visit the Traveler’s Pet Corner for a guide on what you can expect for your pet in relation to the long journey. 

Consider getting professional help

You may choose to use an agent or company to help manage the process. These experts are usually well worth the investment to ensure a smooth transition for your pet. Do note that regardless of whether you choose to outsource the task or do it yourself, the process of importing and quarantine will be costly. It’s important to start to understand the process involved. We highly recommend talking to at least 2 specialists in the area with details of your move - then you can make an informed decision about whether it's worth navigating the process on your own, or if the value in their service is worth the time and additional stress it will save you.

Here are some pet moving specialists, some of whom are licensed by Defra (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs in the UK). There is also IPATA (The International Pet and Animal Transport Association) - an American association with international membership. You search the directoru of their members using the search facility on their website.