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Moving to Australia? 10 reasons to NOT live in a capital city

15th May 2017

Considering a relocation to Australia? Our guess is that your thoughts steer to immediately thinking of a city - Melbourne for the culture scene, Sydney for the postcard perfect scenery, Brisbane for the balmy weather. Deciding where to live in Australia can rely on a few factors. Not least whether how you will gain the right to live in Australia.


Getting a visa to work in Australia is becoming harder. There are Government incentives to distribute the population more evenly. Regional visas are available for most states, so here are at least 10 good reasons to consider going rural!


  1. Property prices - with median house prices in Australia at record highs, housing affordability if you want to relocate to Australia with a family is expensive. House prices in regional areas such as Orange, a beautiful inland town full of rich heritage, a popular wine region and colonial houses are around the A$350k mark. Arguably less expensive, and you get more for your money here.

  2. Lower cost of living - with less temptations of city life, and the luxury of more time, the cost of living in regional Australia can be much lower. Access to seasonal produce, less options on which to splash the cash and more opportunities to spend quality time with the family - all equal a healthier bank account.

  3. Space - dreams of sun drenched beaches all to yourself are less of a reality closer to urban areas. Stretch out to a Bunbury in Western Australia, Newcastle in New South Wales, and you’ll have ample stretches of beach and nature to yourself. Australia’s cities are becoming ever densely populated. Whilst this creates a rich tapestry of life and opportunities - exploring beyond the cities offers the postcard images we all imagine.

  4. Upheaval and disruption - Cities like Sydney are undergoing huge infrastructure reform at the moment. Increased traffic and public transport disruptions are here to stay until at least 2020 and beyond in some areas. With a second airport approved for Sydney and construction to begin in 2026 - upheaval on a large scale is set to continue for years to come. Melbourne and Brisbane can also resemble building sites are urban renewal programs get underway and take time to emerge.

  5. Government investment - having said all of the above, population re-distribution is improving in Australia with government incentives to encourage business and families to move away from main urban areas. Regional areas are noticeably improving as traffic and population increases, with communities thriving as a result.

  6. Pace of life - no doubt about it, life in Australia is more laid back than many international cities. But with the population density having risen rapidly over the past 10 years, and the employment landscape tougher - Aussies are working longer hours, and stress levels are high. Property prices have led to people having to live further away from work with longer commutes - the laid back Aussie lifestyle is, sadly, a myth.

  7. Less traffic - commuting in Australia’s cities has become tedious at best, painful and time consuming at worst. Sydney is the worst offender - due to the property boom, people are commuting from as far away as Byron!

  1. More time - less traffic, a less hectic pace of life, less distractions, fewer frustrations - all of this equals more quality time with the family.

  2. Get stuck into Aussie life - as an expat in Australia, there’s no better way to be immersed into Australian life than to be part of a regional community. Schools and local activities are a perfect way to get acquainted with the way of life Down Under

  3. Nature - all Australian states have fabulous natural wonders on offer - whether it’s the tropics of Far North Queensland and the Barrier Reef, national parks, forests and beaches throughout the state, wine regions in every state, the Alpine mountain regions of Victoria, endless stretches of beaches in WA, the fruit and vegetable garden/paddock of Tasmania - there’s so much on offer that us city dwellers escape to discover every weekend.


So, have I managed to convince you? Let me know!



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