I wish I had known (round 2!) Tile Thumb

I wish I had known (round 2!)

29th March 2017
We're doing our regular weekly update of links and info on the SETTLEto website and always have a chortle at these quotes we gathered in our research and from previous clients.

Moving to Australia is not easy. This is what people who've lived here for a while wish they were told.

Here's a little extract of quotes from 'What I wish people told me about....Size and Distance":

“That it was so bloody far from everywhere (yes I technically knew this but the reality is very different)”

“That the classic European 'driving holiday' does not work here - you drive for hours, passing nothing but a lone roadhouse selling deep fried things of indeterminate origin. No cute villages every half hour with quaint cafes/pubs etc. just hours of nothing (except wildlife that can take out the average small car)”

“That you can't really do last minute holidays (as in you go into your travel agent and ask where you can go that's hot and they give you a range of different options in multiple countries that cost bugger all and you can leave on Saturday). How annoying the time difference would be for keeping in touch with family and friends at home”

“How big it is”

”It is so far away when things go wrong back home (only 24hrs isn't the reality)!!!”

“That you will wish that it wasn't so darn far from everywhere”

“That I'd wish I'd visited so many more places in Europe before coming here, it really is so far from anywhere. I never thought I'd crave historical towns, cities and buildings”