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Finding accommodation with a pet

12th April 2017

You will need a Pet CV/Resume - and we always recommend that you write a letter to accompany your standard application, whether you have a pet or not.

Yes - a resume, and a letter! This sounds a bit silly - but this really makes a difference. Here is our step-by-step advice for looking to RENT WITH YOUR PET:

Search all properties -do NOT filter or restrict your search to 'Pet friendly' or 'Pets allowed/considered'

Many agents may not have selected this on the listing, so by using this filter, you may be unnecessarily narrowing your search. Best to cast the net wide, and start from a bigger base.

Only avoid applying for those that explicitly state they will NOT CONSIDER pets

Bear with me on this one. Some landlords don't want to attract tenants explicitly with pets, or simply haven't thought about whether they will accept our furry friends or not. So we always recommend applying with the advice we outline below. You never know who else is applying, your letter and pet may make you irresistible!

Do not however, that some buildings do not permit them at all - so it may not even be a choice by the landlord, so if they do say on the ads 'no pets', it's best to respect this.

Write a short letter to accompany your application

This will make you STAND OUT against the others as most (or all) won't bother. Trust us - it WORKS, we've had 100% acceptance rates with this tactic. Be sure to include:

  • A little about you/your family
  • References from your previous landlord or mortgage statements (if you owned your previous property)
  • Why you moved to Australia/the city/suburb you are moving to
  • What you love about the property
  • Why they should choose you/your family (you're quiet, tidy, spend most of your time at work, have a steady income)
  • What you enjoy doing - assuming it's not playing drums late at night and having loud parties!
  • Whether you've owned property before - therefore you can empathise with being a property owner
  • A photo of you/your family

Include a CV of your pet - mention their redeeming qualities - how they would make a good tenant:

  • A photo of your pet -They are quiet, well trained - ie not a nuisance
  • Mention their age/size - assuming these are positive to the application. ie if they are old they won't be boisterous. And most landlords don't mind small dogs, for example, but would object to a Great Dane
  • Will be quiet and sleep most of the day
  • Their health - that you are a responsible pet-parent and keep them vaccinated and healthy
  • Where they will spend most of the time - if they are an outside pet, mention it so the landlord doesn't get concerned about damage to their property
  • Do not dig, scratch, bark, make noise
  • How they came into your life - rescue, from weaning -Include references from previous neighbours to attest to their good behaviour

One goodwill gesture is to offer a bonus additional deposit (called a 'bond' here) to show give landlord peace of mind that you are a responsible tenant and will stand by your word: should anything happen they have additional funds in the kitty to cover it.

GOOD LUCK! As always, let us know if you have any questions!