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A letter to parents of expat children

1st May 2017

After so long of grappling with my identity as a TCK, expat kid, and life as a serial relocator (!) - I'm starting to come to terms with a few things. How I'm different, but in a great way - and how I can really share and make the most of this experience and my background. 

I help parents all the time who are always so worried about their kids - and how they will cope with the move and being the new kid in class. Which has given me a lot to think about - and thank my parents for.

My latest Huffpost article, which is a Letter to parents of Expat Children, draws on my experience as an expat kid - how it affected me, and I hope I've come some way to providing a teeny bit of help as to how parents can deal with the rollercoaster. If nothing else, it's hopefully a lens into what your kids may be feeling in a few years as a result of this crazy international life!

Would love your feedback x