Our History

SETTLEto was founded by Sharon Swift. Seasoned expat, entrepreneur, and Amazon #1 bestselling author, Sharon’s permanent move to Australia in 2005 was her 18th international relocation. It was the hardest – misguided expectations and difficulty setting up life with no single source of information.

'SETTLE' is an acronym for a 6-step framework developed by Sharon. This framework was first published in her book, So, you're moving to Australia? - a one-stop guide to relocating to Australia from the UK.

Sharon is also founder of The Expat Concierge, a boutique relocations service for executive families relocating to Australia

Following years of struggle to truly settle in and feel at home, Sharon's mission is to replicate the personalised relocation service and compile the information into an online platform, containing content for each major market in the world, with the global professional in mind.

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Browse detailed profiles of the top suburbs across Australia’s 5 main cities

Monitor your progress on your personalised dashboard

SETTLEto is easy to use, just swipe between sections

Swipe through stunning picturebooks of information

Large information packed sections are in a directory format with live links

Manage your budget: add and edit the template and toggle between currencies

Dynamic checklists: add and edit, then link directly to the information needed for that task